How soon after using the DryJect service can the treated area be played on?

Immediately. A little sweeping is all that is usually required for a smooth, clean surface.

How does the DryJect service work?

Injected materials are sucked into a high-pressure water stream via the venturi effect. The force of the mixture pulses into the turf with little damage to the surface, shattering the underlying soil and giving you deep root penetration.

For more information on how DryJect has revolutionized turf management, see “How It Works”.

What are the advantages of using the DryJect service?

DryJect offers the advantages of being:

  • Cost-efficient. DryJect is a contracted service with professional machine operators, lowering labor costs and freeing up your maintenance staff. Plus, DryJect allows uninterrupted play so there’s minimal lost revenue.
  • Fast. Aerate, topdress and amend in one operation. The surface is playable one hour after application.
  • Virtually invisible. Minimal cleanup or surface disruption.
  • Effective. Deep aeration holes are filled completely whether injecting in sports turf or putting greens up to 12 tons of sand  per acre.
  • Immediately helpful. During the playing season, a quick application can relieve stressed areas when needed most.
  • Versatile. You can adjust depth (2-8 inches depending on soil type and compaction) and aeration spacing (2-6 inches).

Where can I use the DryJect service?

  • Golf Courses: greens, tees, fairways, approaches, high-traffic locations and before and after events
  • Sports Turf: baseball and softball outfields and football and soccer fields
  • General Commercial Landscaping
  • Any relatively flat soil surface

Is the DryJect service expensive?

No. It has a low operational cost. In addition, golf courses enjoy increased revenue when they eliminate the downtime that comes from fewer rounds or discounted rates during rigorous aeration. Be a hero to your greens committee and your members.

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Can I use the DryJect service to apply soil amendments?

Yes, Most amendments in a size of less than 2mm can be applied in dry form while injecting water. These amendments can be applied at different depths by varying the blast duration of the equipment.