A Better Way

The DryJect service aerifies and modifies your soil more effectively than traditional aeration methods.
A better way

TRADITIONAL three-step aeration involves pulling cores, topdressing and sweeping or dragging amendment into turf.

DryJect: A Better Way

The DRYJECT one-step aeration service leaves the surface free of plugs; it’s clean, smooth and ready to play.

Then: Plugging and Water Injection

The need to open up root systems to air led to the use of tines, which “pulled plugs” from the green. While this created the necessary aeration it presented new problems:

  • The pulling action upset the surface, requiring days or weeks of healing time.
  • Courses lost revenue when more experienced golfers – who inquired about aeration schedules – would quit playing the course for at least a week after aeration.
  • Labor costs soared due to the cleanup of plugs, spreading of soil amendments and topdressing.

Aeration during extreme heat required the invention of water injection as a temporary measure between plugging processes. While this injection facilitated deep watering it did not allow soil amendments to penetrate deep, rendering the aeration temporary when holes closed up.

Now: DryJect – 21st Century Aeration™

A Better Way

DRYJECT penetrates deeply and three-dimensionally into the root zone to fracture the soil and delivery necessary amendments.

The revolutionary DryJect service brings course managers the best of both worlds: Hydro injection and soil amendment penetration.

On both cool and warm season turf, DryJect’s unique agronomic benefits fit into any maintenance routine. DryJect offers the advantages of being:

  • Cost-efficient. DryJect is a contracted service with professional machine operators, lowering labor costs and freeing up your maintenance staff. Plus, DryJect allows uninterrupted play so there’s minimal lost revenue.
  • Fast. Aerate, topdress and amend in one operation. The surface is playable one hour after application.
  • Virtually invisible. Minimal cleanup or surface disruption.
  • Effective. Deep aeration holes are filled completely, whether injecting in sports turf or putting greens, up to 12 Tons of sand or 4 Tons  porous ceramic per acre.
  • Immediately helpful. During the playing season, a quick application can relieve stressed areas when needed most.
  • Versatile. You can adjust depth (2-8 inches depending on soil type and compaction) and aeration spacing (2-6 inches).