New High-Precision Injection Service From Dryject

DryJect Pro-LNow DryJect™ and DryJect MaXimus™ Service Centers have a new way to save money and build stronger turf

DryJect™ Pro-L™ is a proprietary injection system that gives DryJect and MaXimus™ Service Centers the ability to apply liquid additives with precision and
with thorough distribution in the root zone. Liquid additives can be applied separately or at the same time as performing.

Pro-L INFUSE™ is an optional additive available only through Dryect Service Centers. It is an advanced proprietary soil gel–a blend of potassium polyacrylate, cross-linked and food grade emulsifiers, stabilizer, preservatives and growth stimulators.

Dryyject Pro-L

Here is what your DryJect™ Pro-L™ contractor will do for golf courses and sports fields

  • Simultaneously aerates, injects dry materials, liquid, gels with excellent distribution in the soil profile
  • Injects any required chemicals directly into the soil Rates from 3 oz. to 330 oz. per 1,000 sq ft Computer managed application
  • On-the-go control for variable conditions
  • Two control pumps for accuracy and reliability
  • Excellent IPM tool
  • Low cost, high value application


DryJect Pro-L Service Flyer
DryJect Pro-L-INFUSE Flyer