On both cool and warm season turf, DryJect’s unique agronomic benefits fit into any maintenance routine.

  • Agronomically Effective – Deep aeration holes are filled completely when injecting into putting greens. Depending on spacing and depth requirements, 8 – 30 tons of sand can be injected per acre. Lighter ceramics and like materials will be close to 35% of sand.
  • Exceptionally Fast – DryJect aerates, topdresses and amends in one operation. DryJect requires minimal cleanup, there is very little playing surface impairment.
  • Revenue Enhancer – DryJect allows for uninterrupted play so there’s minimal lost revenue due to poor playing conditions. Click here to calculate your cost effectiveness with our Revenue Recapture Calculator. Or download our Savings Workseet (Excel File)
  • Cost Effective – DryJect is a contracted service with professional operators. It helps reduce labor costs and free up maintenance staff. Your staff can now concentrate on course maintenance improving the overall playing experience.
  • Highly Versatile – DryJect depths can be adjusted from 2 to 12 inches (depending on soil type and compaction) and can be matched to support the level of firmness you want in your approaches.
  • Virtually Invisible – DryJect requires minimal cleanup. There is very little playing surface impairment
  • Helps Immediately – During the playing season, a quick application can relieve stressed areas when they need it most.


DryJect holds patents on its proprietary equipment, which features the most advanced technology of its kind.  High-pressure water penetrates the turf root zone, and amendments include sand / peat mixtures, inorganic soil amendments and more are injected into the resulting aeration holes. Among the key benefits are speed, labor savings, and increased profitability for golf courses, resulting from the excellent putting conditions left after the DryJect service.

Injected materials are sucked into a high-pressure water stream via the Venturi effect. The force of the mixture pulses into the turf with little damage to the surface, shattering the underlying soil and giving you deep root penetration.

A Better Way

The DryJect one-step service leaves the surface free of plugs; it’s clean, smooth, and ready to play.  The DryJect service aerifies and modifies your soil more effectively than traditional aeration methods.


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