DryJect Goes Wet

The revolutionary DryJect service – the only injection service that allows you to aerate, topdress, and amend in one pass – is now even more flexible. Our most recent innovation – a special hopper configuration – allows you to use dry sand OR wet sand and achieve the same remarkable results.

DryJect® will no longer be limited to the use of only kiln dried sand!

DryJect® is pleased to announce that we will be able to inject NON- KILN DRIED sand through our machines! This technology will be available through select regional service centers on a limited basis by October 2019 and will be available through most of our centers in the late Winter/Spring of 2020. 

Through extensive Research and Development, we have engineered a special hopper configuration that includes rotating agitation and staged screening with vibratory assistance to assure affective flow of anywhere from slightly damp sand to wet sand. 

Field testing revealed that the “Damp” and/or “Wet” sand applied through this special new design went out at about a 90% rate by VOLUME as compared to kiln dried sand. The 10% discrepancy is largely from that same percentage (10%) of holes not receiving any sand. This is noteworthy because 90% of the holes with sand were filled just as full as the kiln dried process. For comparison, a 3”x 2” spacing at an approximate depth of 4 inches with kiln dried sand will deliver 5.6 cubic feet of sand per 1,000 square feet. Using non-kiln dried sand (damp to wet) will deliver 5 cubic feet. 

Where there is basically no availability in certain parts of the United States and Canada of kiln dried sand but plenty availability of non-kiln dried sand, the DryJect® aeration and injection process now becomes a viable option that did not exist before. In areas where kiln dried sand is available, the price of non-kiln dried sand may range from 1.5 to 5 times less expensive per ton delivered. The ability to save a substantial amount of money by using moist non-kiln dried sand is now an option.



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