Economics - Crew Saver

DryJect is a service, so no capital equipment to buy or lease.  DryJect service is performed by professional operators, which helps to reduce your labor costs and free up maintenance staff.  Unlike traditional aeration, which involves pulling cores, topdressing and sweeping or dragging amendments into the turf, DryJect is a one-step process.  And DryJect requires minimal cleanup, there is almost no discernible surface disruption.

Instant Playability

Aerate, amend and topdress in one pass, allowing a smooth surface that’s ready for play in an hour.

Exceptionally Fast & Virtually Invisible

DryJect aerates, topdresses and amends in one operation. DryJect requires minimal cleanup, there is very little playing surface impairment.

Highly Versatile

Equally effective on greens, tees, approaches and fairways. DryJect can adjust to depths of up to 12 inches deep (depending on soil type and compaction) and aeration spacing from 1.5 to 6 inches.

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