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We have all seen the scenario – perform core aerification and players stay away from your course.  Up to two weeks away – and that all leads to lost revenue!  The alternative is to use DryJect – a one-step aeration service that leaves the surface free of plugs, clean, smooth and ready to play. 

Most greens are playable within one hour of a DryJect service.  This means you can relieve compaction, dilute organic matter, increase water infiltration, reach the root zone with oxygen and amend your soils all at the same time.  Plus DryJect leaves the surface smooth and playable.  

To calculate how DryJect can save you lost revenues, try our Revenue Recapture Calculator

Or you can download our “Savings Worksheet.”.

DRYJECT one-step aeration leaves the surface free of plugs; it’s clean, smooth and ready to play.

Exceptionally Fast & Virtually Invisible

DryJect aerates, topdresses and amends in one operation. DryJect requires minimal cleanup, there is very little playing surface impairment.

Instant Playability

Aerate, amend and topdress in one pass, allowing a smooth surface that’s ready for play in an hour.

Agronomically Effective

Deep aeration holes are filled completely whether injecting into sports turf of putting greens, delivering a smooth clean surface that’s ready for play.

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