The revolutionary DryJect service brings golf course superintendents the best of both worlds – Hydro injection and soil amendment penetration.  The Premier Injection service of its kind, DryJect allows you to Aerate, Topdress, and Amend in one Pass.

Aeration service that saves time and money

Traditional core aeration is time consuming and requires several steps to return turf to a playable surface. With DryJect® added to your maintenance program you can reduce the need for core aerification and greatly amplify its benefits. 

DryJect uses a high-speed, water-based injection system to blast aeration holes through the root zone to fracture the soil. The patented vacuum technology simultaneously fills holes to the surface with high volumes of sand or amendment. This means you can relieve compaction, increase water infiltration, reach the root zone with oxygen and amend your soil with high volumes of material all at the same time. Plus DryJect leaves the surface smooth and playable.

Click on these links to find out more about how to service:


Determine your soil penetration needs as well as surface coverage choices.

Tees & Fairways

Help overcome summer stress or high traffic areas.

Approach 10, 20, 30

Want to firm up those approaches for a fast and firm course?

One-Hour Challenge

See our one-hour summary approach for a typical green.

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