One of the key areas players rate a course on playability is the conditioning of the greens.  Soil health, including soil compaction, all relates to the quality of your greens.  DryJect was developed to help improve the soil profile and allows the golf course superintendent to select the proper service to get the most benefit from DryJect based on the soil profile.

A Better Way

Agronomically Effective

Deep aeration holes are filled completely when injecting into putting greens. You can plan on up to 13 tons (10 cubic yards) of sand or 4 tons of ceramic per acre.

Highly Versatile

DryJect depths can be adjusted from 2 to 12 inches (depending on soil type and compaction) and can be matched to support your core aerification program.

Cost Effective

DryJect is a contracted service with professional operators. It helps reduce labor costs and free up maintenance staff. Plus, DryJect allows uninterrupted play so there’s minimal lost revenue.

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