Key to the DryJect testimonial is the continued business we get from our customers.  They help us meet new customers and are constantly saying great things about the DryJect Service approach. 

What People are Saying

Since utilizing the Dryject process at Keene Trace Golf Club, we have seen a marked improvement to the overall turf condition, members experience, crew’s morale, and financial bottom line. DryJect gets the sand into the root zone where it’s intended instead of on the surface resulting in greens that are firmer, higher stimp readings and happier golfers.

The Dryject process was performed at our course three days before our club championship. We had nothing but compliments on the course and greens, with many of the participants not even realizing the process had been performed.

From a financial perspective – Pulling cores results in a week of overtime, tearing up the course and putting it back together again, then having to catch up on normal work that has been neglected resulting in additional overtime. Management noticed an uninterrupted revenue stream instead of the usual two-week disruption because of lack of play.”

B Frye, Keene Trace Golf Club, KY

Our data shows that when we core aerate and top-dress in early September we see about a $30,000 drop in revenue over the next two weeks. When using DryJect we realize only one day of lost revenue. We estimate a $19,000 savings in using DryJect over core aeration."

Justin N. Smith, General Manager, Olde Homestead Golf Club, PA

Since we started using the DryJect service, we have never had to advertise that we have aerated. We do not lose rounds, and we do not have to cut our rates. The course is closed on Mondays, so the crew comes in and is finished in one day. Players line up to pay full rates to tee off on Tuesday morning.

We will never switch back to traditional aeration. In fact we only use the injection technique, and do not core at all. This goes against common practice, but it works great for us. Our sand greens are widely known in the Chicagoland area as some of the very best.

If we do core aeration ourselves, it costs us $6,000 to $7,000 in time and materials to do the work. Then it takes three weeks for the greens to recover. During that time we have to discount $10 off every green fee. In June, our busiest month, we average between 4,000 and 5,000 rounds. But if we’re discounting $10 from just 1,000 rounds per week, that’s $30,000 in lost revenue, just on greens fees. So our net cost to core aerate is somewhere near $35,000.

The cost of the DryJect ® treatment is nothing close to that. Plus the DryJect cost gets paid back instantly, the way we see it, because we lose no rounds and do not have to discount.”

Jim Campbell, General Manager at Blackberry Oaks Golf Club, Bristol, Illinois

We host around 200 rounds a day. But when we used to pull plugs we lost about 50% of those rounds for seven to 10 days, and discounted the remaining rounds over 25% during that time. I figured the net loss of revenue was from $35,000 to $48,000, depending on how fast the greens healed. Since we started using the DryJect service, we don’t lose that income because we don’t have to advertise the course has been aerated and we don’t have to discount rounds. The putting surface is beautiful the day after we DryJect.”

John Montalbano, General Manager at Deep Cliff Golf Course, Cupertino, CA

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