DryJect’s unique agronomic benefits fit into any turf maintenance routine. The key is to determine which of DryJect’s different services to use and for this we have broken down our website into various typical uses so that you can select the right service for your turf needs. 

Our use sections are broken down as follows: 


DryJect helps soil conditions throughout the course.

Determine your soil penetration needs as well as surface coverage choices.

Tees & Fairways
Help overcome summer stress or high traffic areas.

Approach 10, 20, 30
Want to firm up those approaches for a fast and firm course?

One-Hour Challenge
See our one-hour summary approach for a typical green.


From professional fields, to university and schools, to community fields, DryJect helps improve the field’s playability and care.

Soccer, Football, and Baseball
The primary outdoor fields for most sports turf managers. Learn about DryJect’s benefits to better conditioning.

Tennis, Croquet, and Other
Need high-end care and quick return to smooth playing surfaces? DryJect is the answer.

Whether it's for a large commercial property or for a lawn care company handling residential and commercial turf, DryJect can help deliver high quality turf by improving soil conditions.

Commercial Properties
Commercial property owners want their tenants to have beautiful lush lawns, and that all begins with good soil profiles.

Soil Modification
When you need soil modification with aeration for increased soil benefit.

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