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DryJect is

  • A revolutionary service using a patented process that you operate in an exclusive territory.
  • The chance to manage your own business and work outdoors in the sports and golf industry. 
  • A Franchisor who supports you with training, marketing and industry partnerships. 

DryJect® is an innovative new approach to aeration and soil modification, aimed at superintendents and groundskeepers of golf courses, sports stadiums, ball fields and schools. 

Many of our customers-including prestigious golf clubs like Oakmont and East Lake, plus numerous Major League 

Baseball and NFL teams-rave about the service. If you’re thinking about acquiring a franchise, consider DryJect. 



Part of what makes the DryJect® service appealing to potential consumers is its uniqueness. DryJect uses patented, state-of-the-art technology that’s changing the way groundskeepers think about their maintenance program. As a franchisee, you’re in on the ground floor of this revolutionary service. Our staff offers full technical support of the DryJect machine to keep it in operation. 


As a DryJect® franchise owner, you don’t have to wait for the weekend to enjoy the great outdoors and some of your region’s most beautiful golf courses and athletic fields. You’ll be working right alongside their staff. 

Plus, as a franchise owner, you can enjoy the benefits of managing your own business.


The DryJect corporate team is committed to your success. We’re here to support you with dedicated marketing efforts, proven sales strategies, customer relations programs, training, tech support and a resource team that can help you make your franchise thrive. 

We’ll provide you with a detailed Operations Manual that includes everything you need to know about DryJect. We also offer start-up and ongoing training opportunities to teach you how to use and maintain your DryJect machine. 


Bottom line: If you’re going to purchase a franchise, it better be a smart business decision. The DryJect service is an exciting business to own and operate, and it’s unique to the industry, leaving you with a competitive edge and an easy sale. With our promise to provide you an exclusive territory, you’ll enjoy being the go-to person for turf maintenance in your market. 

DryJect has been successfully integrated into turf maintenance programs across the country, including prestigious golf courses, Major League Baseball facilities and NFL fields. There’s already an expansive yet precisely targeted market for the DryJect service, and since golf courses and sports fields must be aerated multiple times a year, the potential for repeat business is substantial. 

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