About Us

The DryJect Company was founded 1998 by Chris des Garennes, a textile engineer (Textile, Philadelphia), who spent all his life in the turf industry, and Peter van Drumpt, a Swedish mining engineer (RIT Stockholm), who loves to play golf. Together they represent more than 75 years of experience in the green industry.

Their vision was to develop a company that specialized in unique niche products in the green industry. Since the beginning products like Axis, Play Ball, Pennmulch, Break Thru, PCDrainage and now DryJect have been commercialized by them. There are also several new projects in the pipe line, and the most important projects are the SI System that is being developed in collaboration with a large chemical company, and the Pro L system for liquid injection of water savings products and other stimulants for turf.

In 2016 DryJect announced a change in ownership from its founders, Peter Van Drumpt and Chris des Garennes, to John Paddock, who has served as company Vice President and head of Product Development and Production since 2010. John has a B.S. In Turfgrass Science from Penn State and 25 years of experience in the turgrass industry.

In 2019, through extensive Research and Development, DryJect engineered a special hopper configuration that includes rotating agitation and staged screening with vibratory assistance to assure affective flow of anywhere from slightly damp sand to wet sand.

DryJect holds patents on its proprietary equipment, which features the most advanced technology of its kind. High pressure water penetrates the turf root zone, and dry amendments include sand / peat mixtures, inorganic soil amendments and more are injected into the resulting aeration holes. Among the key benefits are speed, labor savings, and increased profitability for golf courses, resulting from the excellent putting conditions left after the DryJect service.

DryJect holds several patents on the DryJect machine and also has several joint patent applications together with a large chemical company.

The DryJect Company is organized in two divisions:

  1. DryJect Inc manages the manufacturing and service of machines as well as research and development. The manufacturing facility of more than 8000 sq.ft is located together with the main office in Hatboro, PA.
  2. DryJect,LLC manages the franchise and license network. The company operates on a franchise-license based business model, and comprises over 35 North American and international franchises, also known as DryJect Service Centers. The Centers serve turf aeration and modification services to golf courses, sports fields, soccer pitches and a wide range of applications where high quality turfgrass is critical to athletic performance.

The company’s mission is to develop and market products and services that are unique and technologically superior to existing industry standard. Utilizing patented technologies by way of the franchise and license network to provide the end user with a more productive, more economical and environmentally better solution. 

Manufacturing Facility and Head Office

307 Lincoln Avenue
Hatboro, PA 19040
Phone:  800-270-TURF

DryJect, Inc. is the manufacturer for the DryJect machine.
DryJect LLC manages and services the franchise network.

For more information, please contact us.

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